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What’s the Difference between Genuine And Inferior Car Perfume?

  In order to keep the car clean, many car owners will put a bottle of car perfume in the car. Many

owners may buy cheap perfume because they don’t know the harm that it may cause dizziness and nausea.

The color of genuine perfume will not change after a short time in isolation.

There will be no significant reduction in weight, either. In the same conditions, inferior car perfume

will become turbid and its weight will significantly reduce.

If you add some water and shake, the inferior ones will be turbid and the genuine ones will be obviously layering.

Genuine quality perfume smells pure without alcohol. The inferior car perfume has less fragrance and much more alcohol smell .

If inferior perfume and air fresheners are placed in the car, they will not purify the air but make more pollution in car. Please choose genuine car perfume.

Knowledge of perfume

Car perfume can bring comfort and keep the car cleaning. For car perfume, most owners are not unfamiliar. Automotive interior coupled with car perfume, can bring good results. Especially coupled with high-grade car perfume , not only upscale atmosphere, but also very comfortable.

Firstly, the most important role is to eliminate bad car smell, so more fresh air in the car. And good car perfume fragrance is divided into three levels: top notes, middle reconcile after the transfer. Top notes means that when opened perfume bottles, we smell the fragrance of the first unit, which is most likely to be volatile perfume ingredients, giving the overall impression of the original. Followed in tune, the tone is the most important part, it appears with the top notes, the main scent exudes perfume, sometimes called theme tune. Finally, after the transfer, is the slowest in the perfume, the duration of the longest, is the overall conclusion of perfume. Each level will have a different scent effect, hard to taste. Car perfume fragrance, the scent molecules with a spread in the car, to keep the car clean air, remove the car smell, kill bacteria, purify the air, this will help drivers to road safety. It also can be in a small interior space to create a pleasant atmosphere and to keep the driver awake and calm, so as to effectively reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, also adding to the car elegance.

Secondly,many car perfume shapes are very characteristic and personality, as well interior decoration object, and coupled with a different flavor of the unique features for the driver to bring a different driving experience. Such as apple scented perfume rich in vitamins, appetite, have effects on the treatment of chronicgastritis. Green tea has so mind fresh scent, restore vitality, improve depressedmood, enhance the function of lust. The smell of perfume cologne side expelling dampness, strong bones and muscles, helps cheerful mood, improve the effectiveness of centralized power. Lily scented perfume regulate mood to relax, relieve stress and frustration, adjustable nervousness, emotional wellbeing. For long-term sedentary cab driver  refreshing, there is a great help. You can choose a suitable fashion car perfume, thereby driving the process to maintain a relaxed state of mind.

Perfume level

Perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fixatives and alcohol liquid, used to let the object (usually the parts of the body) has a lasting and pleasing odor. Essential oils are derived from the distillation of flowers and plants, such as orange flowers or roses. If you can not distill it, it will use fat absorption method enfleurage, such as jasmine original fine JasminAbsolute. Fat absorption method is basically scented with grease absorbing material, then use alcohol to extract the essential oils. In addition also use scented chemicals.

Fixing agent is used to combine a variety of spices, including balsam balsam, ambergris and civet and musk deer gland secretions gas body (if there is no doping other things when they do not smell good However, in alcohol solution in which they played a role in the continuing role). Alcohol concentration depends on perfume, eau de toilette or cologne. Perfume retention period is usually five years.

General market is generally known as a synonym for perfume, but if carefully to be distinguished, or the difference. According to different proportions of alcohol and perfume, the relative performance of the flavor will be different, this ratio is also known as Fu Xiang rate, the higher the rate when Fu Xiang, also on behalf of the alcohol concentration is low, the proportion of flavors relatively high, perfume will be more durable, generally divided into four grades.

Level 1: Flavors Parfum
Abbreviations: P
Concentration: 15 to 30%
Duration: 5 to 7 hours
Features: Spices highest purity, long duration, usually with stick-style design, a small amount used in the wrist and neck, it can have a very long-lasting performance.

Level 2: Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum
Abbreviation: EDP
Concentration: 10 to 15%
Duration: 5 hours
Features: EDP’s durability performance will be far more satisfactory than the eau de toilette, if your workplace or activity environment is not often allow you to fill incense, EDP will be your best choice.

Level 3: Eau de Toilette Eau de Toilette
Abbreviation: EDT
Concentration: 5 to 10%
Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Features: Eau higher proportion of alcohol than likely to be volatile, usually early in the morning after using the noon break time can be supplemented fragrant, slightly breath can be continued into the afternoon, for those who prefer cool person.

Level 4: cologne Eau de Cologne
Abbreviations: EDC
Concentration: 3-5%
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Features: cologne mostly with refreshing citrus notes are mostly suitable for use in the campaign, after a bath, or mood you want to convert and restore the spirit of the time used.


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