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Perfume Culture

Perfume Culture

What’s the Difference between Genuine And Inferior Car Perfume?   In order to keep the car clean, many car owners will put a bottle of car perfume in the car. Many owners may buy cheap perfume because they don’t know the harm that it may cause dizziness and nausea. The color of genuine perfume will not change after a short time in isolation. There will be no significant reduction in weight, either. In the same conditions, inferior car perfume will become turbid and its weight will significantly reduce. If you add some water and shake, the inferior ones will be turbid and the genuine ones will be obviously layering. Genuine quality perfume smells pure without alcohol. The inferior car perfume has less fragrance and much more alcohol smell . If inferior perfume and air fresheners are placed in the car, they will not purify the air but make more pollution in car. Please choose genuine car perfume. Knowledge of […]

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